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"I use what you taught me every day. You changed my life!" ~Jill

"The most amazing thing that you did for me was teach me what feels right and what feels wrong and how to correct my position or posture when it doesn't feel right.   This was a gift." ~Bobbie

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Learn to recognize how your emotional states influence your overall quality of movement.

Develop a better understanding of how our body's own fight or flight system can become overactive with stress, or injury, and how that can impact your movement, as well as the amount of pain you may experience.

Release the emotional blocks that may be contributing to inefficient movement patterns in gait and contributing to injury and chronic pain. 

Finally let go of all the "I shoulds" when it comes to exercise and how you chose to move your body. 

Begin to feel your body again and learn how your body can work with you, and not against you.


Improve movement patterns to move more efficiently, and potentially reduce feelings of pain.

Get stronger in ways that overlap with the movements you do in everyday life.

Learn to move naturally from the ground up to reset the body's primal movement patterns and correct compensations. 

Understand how to align your body to create more stability, better mobility, and more connection. 

Learn to find your "joy" in movement again!

Discover ways of moving that make you feel good and excite you.

Rekindle your sense of "play" again!

Learn to move in new and challenging fun ways!

Move more intuitively. 

"As a 76 year old senior, I have really bad knees with almost no cartilage

remaining in my knee joints. Carrie has been teaching me how to walk, sit,

climb stairs, and move without using my knees, therefore allowing almost

pain free movement.

I fell flat on my back on an outing to the park with my family recently and, using Carrie’s techniques, was able to roll over and sit up and get back to my feet with a little help. I also learned just this past week how to get completely up onto my feet from a prone position without any help or support using only my own body and Carrie’s techniques.

I would highly recommend Carrie’s training to anyone with mobility issues, and especially to anyone with painful knees. Carrie is professional, personable, understanding, and her training facility is top notch."  ~Sally


"An hour with Carrie has been part of my weekly routine for a long time, and I really appreciate how adept she is at tailoring each session to my own, specific needs.  She has a keen understanding of how the body moves and as a result of her guidance I feel strong, my balance is good, my walking is efficient, and I can change the cat’s litter box with ease.  Thanks, Carrie!" 


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Join our local Rope Flow Community! 

Weekly meetups, Facebook community, Instruction on getting started, and fun meeting new people! No experience necessary. Free to join. All ages, fitness levels, and abilities welcome! Private sessions also available by appointment. 

Summer meetups Wed evenings at 6pm outside the Multnomah Arts Center in SW Portland
Promo Code: ORFLOW15
Promo Code: WMA272
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Promo Code: ropeflowpdx
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