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How we can work together

Together we can uncover your movement blocks, whether they're more physical, emotional, or spiritual in nature, and work together to get you moving your best and discovering all the ways you and your body can enjoy moving together again!


"I started working with Carrie at Your Health First after struggling with acute sciatica and a herniated disc. In just a few sessions, I have learned much about how my body tends to work and how this leads to the pain I've been struggling with in these last several months.

My experience of her knowledge and approach is that she's like a 'marriage counselor' to my the two competing halves of my body. She's helping my dominant side learn to trust the non-dominant. The way she explains what's taking place in my body, the war of the sides, is also very beneficial to my own psychological understanding of how I approach life and business."


"The top things working with Carrie has helped me with:

Regain strength and mobility following cancer recovery

Unlearn harmful movement patterns from years of CrossFit, yoga and strength training

Learn healthy movement patterns that I've slowly adopted into my posture, walking and everyday movements

Learn to trust my body and make small shifts to compensate for its unique way of doing things

The difference between movements that: build strength and mobility, prevent pain, relieve pain

Find fun ways to stay active instead of trying to make traditional exercise fun" 


"The work I've done with Carrie is like a mix of occupational therapy and physical therapy, focusing on strength and coordination that help me to move in everyday life with less pain. I was recovering from a spinal cord injury when I first started working with Carrie.  I needed to relearn how to walk, climb stairs, and get up out of a seated position in ways that used to right muscles so that I wouldn't put unnecessary strain on my knees, hips, and lower back. Now I can walk for miles, canoe, do yoga, I use what Carrie has taught me when I'm standing over the stove, hiking in the woods, and even sitting at my desk during work. I use the right muscles now to prevent further injury and feel stronger and more balanced that when I was in my 20's and 30's!
and all sorts of fun activities with my family which were just not possible before my work with Carrie." 


Our Process 

First 4-8 sessions: We like to spend the first month or so working on helping clients to get to reconnect and get to know their own bodies. Together, we look at how you're moving, the ways your body prefers some movement patterns over others, and how we might be able to play around with different or new patterns that may help to increase efficiency, reduce pain, or make moving easier. We focus on reconnecting alignment, breathing and gaining a sense of connection and control in the body. We look at how you enjoy moving your body, what brings you joy, as well as the situations which cause you pain or discomfort. 

2nd month and after: This is where we start adding in more complex movements, and start to challenge you.  We build on what you've learned and continue to offer your body new ways to grow and adapt.  We start to incorporate play and other fun "toys" in order to incorporate what you've learned in ways that are fun and challenging. 

Offering Both In Person as well as Zoom sessions


All session are 60 minutes in length.  $95 Per single session, $680 for a package of 8 (Over %10 savings!) 

Age 70+ 8 sessions for $640  Partner sessions also available. A pkg of 8 partner sessions for $880

"I came to Carrie 5 years into recovering from a major ankle reconstruction. I was in a lot of pain due to compensating during my recovery. My knees hurt and my back hurt so much I could barely walk a few blocks without pain. I went into our work hearing major praise for the Reembody Technique from a few friends, but with no idea what it would look like.


The whole process has been eye opening on so many levels. I have had many, many weeks of PT to help me, I wish those highly trained PTs knew what Carrie knows. We are whole beings, mind, body, and spirit and we need to address all of those parts when we are healing pain. This work has been life changing and life giving. I have discovered so much about my body I never knew and feel I am finally building a relationship with it as if it were my friend and not my annoying little sister who always wants to tag along but slows me down and irritates me.


My body and I appreciate being brought together and taught how we can communicate better. I have significantly less pain and I know how to find relief should pain flare up." 




What is Holistic Functional Movement coaching and how is it different from Personal Training? Our holistic approach to teaching movement involves looking at how each person moves as a whole, rather than just the site of an injury or problem.  We focus on movement education, and developing an awareness of how we can work with our bodies to create more efficient movement, rather than fighting against them.  At Your Health First llc, you'll never need to be concerned with how many sets and reps you'll be doing, or how much you can bench press, instead the focus is on learning skills that coincide with everyday movement...better walking, climbing, running, stairs, throwing, fall prevention, etc. We teach people how to move better in a way that enhances their quality of everyday life in a way that's fun and enjoyable. 

I have knee, shoulder, hip pain, etc...will I still be able to participate? Yes! At YHF, we specialize in working with women around their injuries, teaching them how to move more efficiently, even with an injury or chronic pain.  Our holistic approach takes in to consideration all influences in movement, including social and emotional, as well as the physical.  We look at the ways you're moving that are causing you pain, and not just the spot or spots that are hurting. 

What does movement coaching for older adults seniors look like? We feel that learning to move well as we age is one of the best things we can do to stay active and healthy.  Our focus is on teaching folks ways of moving that make their outside lives easier.  We do a lot of real life cross over work, such as practicing stair climbing, getting down and up off the ground, sitting in low chairs and getting up without assistance, balance work, and lots of fall prevention.  We also do lots of play! We find that bringing back play into peoples lives helps them to enjoy moving more, enhances their quality of movement, and increases the likelyhood that they'll continue to keep doing it. We believe it's never too late to learn new things.  

I never realized that how I feel could affect my movement, how does that work? Our emotional state and how we move go hand in hand.  Just think about how it feels to move when you're playing with your kids or grandkids vs. walking into a party where you don't know anyone...I can feel the tightness just thinking about it.  We've found that by being more aware of our emotional states when moving, that we can tap into better overall quality of movement, just by lowering our stress levels, and moving in ways that we find joyful, fun, and challenging. 

How do you approach diets and nutrition?  When it comes to food and nutrition, we take a mindful eating approach to food.  We believe that the body knows best, and that learning to make the connection to how different foods make us feel is most important.  We work with clients around negative thought patterns that stand in the way of being able to listen to the body, and help them learn to listen to their body's natural hunger cues.  

We'd be a good fit it... You'd like to start moving better, but aren't sure where to start.
You used to enjoy moving, but stopped due to life, injuries, etc., and you're not sure how to make it enjoyable anymore.

You have pain or injuries, and would like to learn how to play an active part in your own healing.

You'd like to learn new ways to move that can help improve your quality of everyday life.

You don't want to let age, injuries, or life stop you from being able to do the things you want to do. 

You want to learn to move better & have fun! 
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