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 "You greatly increased my awareness of my body, being in my body, and how to move around in every day life." ~Monica

About Carrie
If you told me 20 years ago that I would be in the health and wellness field, I would have never believed you. In my early 30's after the birth of my oldest son, I found myself at a familiar, yet unpleasant place.  I was 60 lbs overweight, getting out of a job I hated, and had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.  I ended up making some lifestyle changes, losing the weight, started working out, and eventually went back to school to become a certified personal trainer with the intent to help others struggling with their own journeys.  

What I didn't realize at the time was that throughout the majority of my 30's, despite keeping the weight off and exercising, was that I still had an unhealthy relationship with food and movement.  I found myself labeling foods as good or bad, tracking calories, afraid of going to social events because there would be unhealthy food there, and used exercise as strictly a way to keep off weight or punish myself for things I ate.  I never thought about what kinds of food gave me energy and made me feel good, or if I was enjoying the type of moving I was doing.  I simply just did what I was thought I was 'supposed to"...3 sets of 10, hiit, cardio, etc.  Moving for enjoyment...what was that? 

It wasn't until I started to have chronic knee pain and came across the Reembody Method, that I realized movement could be different.  I realized that I could work with my pain rather than depend on someone else to "fix it"  for me.  I realized that I could practice moving in ways that helped me outside the gym, rather than hurt me.  I realized that the "one size fits everyone" approach to fitness I'd been focusing on didn't have to be that way.  I learned that practicing mindful and intentional movement could not only help with pain, but could allow me to do things I never thought possible, AND have fun doing it! I learned to try new sports like kayaking, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and even got over my fear of biking on the road.  I learned that there is a whole world of movement out there far above and beyond 3 sets of 10 that I can't wait to explore!

For the past several years, I have dedicated myself to helping others define or re-define what it means to move well, to learning and teaching how our bodies are designed to move from infancy to adulthood, and to helping women understand that injuries are our bodies way of telling us they want us to listen.  I help women develop a healthier relationship with both food and movement, and most of all, I enjoy helping others realize that there is a place for them when it comes to movement between "bootcamp" and "chair fitness." A place that has no expectations, no rules, and no "shoulds." A place that is all their own. 

Carrie is an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Life Coach School Certified Life Coach, Reembody Method Certified A. Practitioner, WeckMethod rotational movement certified and self proclaimed "biomechanics nerd"
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